I feel so happy yet worried with me trying to blogging right now, I have made several blog before but it doesn’t end too well because I have different accounts for my each interests. Well, at first I thought that it would made my blog simple by only focusing on one thing only. But who would have time for that? I feel so un-accomplish since I had a very few post on my previous blogs. Sooo…. I had a thought why don’t I make only ONE blog where I can post anything fascinated me?

And yes finally I had time to do this and it will be my sacred place to spill my thoughts. Hope this one will last longer!

Disclaimer: This blog will generally filled up with my interest in music, movie and book. I will blog mostly in English, but since my mother language is not English, I’m sure you will find flaws in my writings, but I will try my best to improve my writing skill.

Okay, I think it’s time for me to start writing sleeping. Will post later!