I don’t know how to feel when i finished this book. My feelings were mixed, i remember i stared at my ceilings and cried, just like that for a full one hour. When i first read this, i thought it would be just like another love story, but i was wrong. Yes, it is a love story, but with lots going on there. There’s family issues, and other stuff too. I won’t spoil that other stuff because it contains spoilers and the fate of the main character.

The story begin with Louisa Clark that got a job as a helper of a wealthy young man named Will Traynor. Will had the condition that he paralyzed from neck to leg after he had accident. At first, Will didn’t like Louisa, and Louisa her self only considered helping Will only as her job, but slowly they formed a relationship and began to understanding each other better. But as their relationship grew, Louisa had to face reality about Will’s decision regarding his health issue.

What i like in this book:
+ How Will was so thoughtful to Louisa, and knew her well more than Louisa even knew her self.
+ Every characters was likeable, almost had no antagonist in it. Even the one you thought so, appeared to be a good person in the end of this book.
+ i can almost visualized England countryside when i read this 🙂

What i don’t like in this book:
– I don’t like Louisa’s character at first, she’s easily became stereotype character (kind but lack self confident), but then it got developed and in the end i love her character.

Favorite moments:
Everything that have Will-Louisa in it, but what i love most is when Louisa sitting in Will’s lap and dance in Will’s wheelchair, I can almost imagine how Will stare Louisa. So romantic.

I love this book, and you should too. It will gave you mixed feelings and you will mourn wishing the ending wasn’t like that. But finally you came to a conclusion that love is beautiful that way.

Happy reading!