The storm is coming

The storm is coming

I went to cinema to watch this movie without any expectations, and turns out it’s quite good. There’s something on disaster movies that always caught me, and this movie was no exception. For people trying to compare “Into The Storm” with “Twister”, I think it won’t do justice for both since they had different premises. While “Twister” story is how to conquer the tornado, “Into The Storm” is more like how to survive from it. I wont talk much about the visuals because everything about it, is flawless (those giant tornado gave me goosebumps literally!). I spent the last 45 minutes not aware I’m gripping my bag because it’s just so damn thrilling.


Gary (Armitage) tried to save Allison (Callies)

Gary (Armitage) tried to save Allison (Callies)

What I noticed more about “Into The Storm” is the characters, I can’t find any unimportant-annoying characters in it, every character had reason to be in the movie not just some cameo. And for me, watching Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies in one movie is enough to make me drag my self to cinema ( to be honest i watched this because of them because it’s like reading crossover The Hobbit –  The Walking Dead fanfiction with alternate universe hahaha) , the other cast was okay but not impressive either. But I think this movie easily become typical like other disaster movies by adding some family issue, which is fine by the way, but for 89 minutes duration, I think there should be another issue to develop.

Fandom collides!

Fandom collides!

Aaaaaand I’m so glad Brian Tyler doing the music, been a huge fan since Fast & Furious, I always think that he has some kind of magic to make his music really fits the movie. So make sure you notice the music!

Watching “Into The Storm” is like riding joyride, some people might enjoyed it or maybe having a rough time to finish it. For me this movie is good, letting us to think that we should embrace our day like it’s our last and live it to the fullest. Sounds cliché but hey every movie needs moral story, right?

Happy watching!


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